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Your online store, running smoothly 24/7.

Downtime on your e-commerce site is money lost.  Averting downtime doesn’t start when you have a problem, it starts with the infrastructure that you build your e-commerce platform on, and how you consistently maintain and support it.

With Everest Agency E-commerce Hosting, we provide a robust hosting package that ensures your online store is fast and functional. With Everest Agency, e-commerce websites are hosted on fast, solid state drive (SSD) servers. Additionally, we provide regular maintenance and updates to your e-commerce platform, ensuring your customers will never experience slow or unreliable service.

  1. Speed: With SSD based servers, offer your users a blazing fast e-commerce experience.
  2. Support: Should something go wrong with your site, you will have a dedicated team on-call to resolve any issue quickly.
  3. Backups: With off-site redundant backup, your data is secure and safe from malicious users or software.

Every extra second it takes any page of your online shop to load, you’re losing customers. By the time they have waited a mere three seconds for a page to load, you have lost 40% of your customers. Additionally, 44% of online shoppers will tell their friends and family if they have had a bad experience on your site.

Simply by taking action to ensure that your online store is always fast, functional, and secure, you will make more sales, obtain more referrals, and earn stronger customer loyalty.

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  1. Where does Everest Agency host my store?
    Everest agency leases top-tier data center space so your website is hosted on the best platform available.
  2. Can I still host with Everest Agency if I already have an e-commerce platform?
    It is very likely. We can host most e-commerce platforms that can run on Linux and Apache.
  3. How do I get in touch with my Everest team if I need help?
    Through our secure support portal where you can submit maintenance requests.
  4. If I have a critical issue during non-business hours, are you available?
    Yes, we may have extended response times during non-business hours depending on when you contact us.

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